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"I Was A Teenage Homo
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A Scary Fairy Tale

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In the vein of new B-monster movie musicals like: Evil Dead: The Musical, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Re-Animator, and The Brain From Planet X, comes... I Was A Teenage Homo, a scene-by-scene homage to the camp classic 1957 B-movie “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”.
Fans of musical theatre, horror movies, gay history, Judy Garland and the disco era alike will all find something to fall in love with as the town of Straightville USA deals with the actions of a serial stylists...BEWARE- the freedom to swish!


The peace and serenity of Straightville USA is constantly shaken by the rebellious outbursts of Rock Dale, one very troubled teen. His latest scuffle escalates into a knock-down drag-out fight with his best friend. The police arrive, break up the fight, and issue Rock a stern warning. Rock’s girlfriend, Donna Winters, tries to console him. Rock remains emotionally unavailable, even to his widowed Mother, who juggles two jobs and strives for quality, not quantity time with her son. Rock arrives for a date with Donna, which quickly turns into an arguing match with her parents, Jonathan and Shelley Winters. After beating up yet another friend over an April Fools joke, Rock agrees to see the police recommended psychologist, Dr. Merv Rorschach. During hypnosis, the Doctor discovers Rock’s latent homosexuality, postulates that this repression is the real source of his anger, and determines to force Rock to “out” himself. But according to Nurse Beatrice Treacher, the doctor’s fearful assistant, “there could be serious consequences to the doctor’s methods”. Sure enough, the next night, one of the students is attacked in the woods, and given a make-over against his will. The police speculate on who or what this Serial Stylist really is stalking the teens of Straightville.

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World Premiere by Theatre Neo, North Hollywood, CA., October 2007

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