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Perusal copies for all Mayday Productions musicals are FREE, and will be sent to you upon request using our form below. The scripts will then be sent as a PDF File to your email address.
We understand finding a musical that fits your theatre's production needs is crucial to the success of your organization. Therefore, we're happy to send perusal scripts to you as a professional courtesy. If our plays are not appropriate for your needs, we trust you will delete these perusal copies from your computer.

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We are pleased to honor all legitimate theatre and school requests for complimentary PDF perusal copies of our musicals. Please note that receipt of a script DOES NOT give or guarantee your company any rights to any of our shows. A separate Production Request must be submitted and rights negotiated directly with Mayday Productions literary attorney. Please fill in the information below, including which script(s) you wish to read, then return this e-mail to us.

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_____ Bombed A Lot! The Music Of Peter Buoy Wryder
_____ Til Death Do Us Start (a.k.a. My controllable zombie)
_____ I Was A Teenage Homo! A Scary Fairy Tale

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Your completion and submission of this form does not create a licensing agreement nor authorize your use of the requested performance material. You must make application for performance rights for any use of the material whether in part or in whole.
Copyright to all book, lyrics and music owned exclusively by Mayday Productions.No unauthorized use or reproduction ofthese lyricsand/or music is allowed unlessgiven by express written agreement from either the lyricist or composer named above.
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