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Bill Fagan
Jeff Scott

After meeting through a sketch troupe,
("The Hilarions" - during their three year run at Theater/Theatre), and collaborating
on numerous mini-musicals for them, in 1992 Jeff Scott and his writing partner Bill Fagan formed Mayday Productions.   Their first show was a comedic mock-u-musical revue: "Bombed A Lot! The Music of Peter Buoy Wryder". Their next project was a big-book musical: "Til Death Do Us Start". In between, they continued to write specialty material for many cabaret performers, and comics in the Los Angeles area.

Their final project together was "I Was A Teenage Homo!" a disco-encrusted homage to the classic 1957 B-werewolf movie.   Sadly Bill Fagan passed away on January 1, 2005, leaving most of act 2 unfinished.   Jeff finished the show on his own, staged a reading for Theatre Neo (where he's been their sound designer for 9 years), and is thrilled that Theatre NEO presented the world premiere production in Los Angeles, Sept., 2007. Now the show has been translated into Spanish as it gears up for the first international production in Mexico City, Mexico (FALL 2010).
CASTLE-VISION: King Of The Matinee Gimmicks

WHAT: Two-act musical
WHERE: (current concept/project)
SYNOPSIS: A musical homage to director/producer, and creator of numerous "gimmick" movies, William Castle (House On Haunted Hill, The Tingler, 13 Ghosts, Rosemary's Baby). A legendary showman, mogul and dedicated Father, Castle employed some of the most famous names in the business (Joan Crawford, Vincent Price, Mia Farrow, Richard Pryor, Sid Ceaser), and gave younger audiences a true experience at the theatre with his many "gimmicks" (Percept-o, Illusion-o, Insurance against Death By Fright).


WHAT: Work for hire/Composer
WHERE: Staged reading as part of The Hollywood Fringe Festival, Hlwd., CA. Preproduciton begins in 2013.
SYNOPSIS: The 30th high school reunion isn't what it used to be.


WHAT: Theatrical event/Writer/Producer
WHERE: The World Famous Comedy Store, every October 2010-2011
SYNOPSIS: Join your host Skitzo for an evening exploring one of the most hauted buildings in all of Los Angeles

I WAS A TEENAGE HOMO! A Scary Fairy Tale   (1998)

WHAT: Two-act musical comedy (6 women & 8 men)
WHERE: World Premiere September 2007, Theatre NEO, Los Angeles, CA
SYNOPSIS: 1978.  Small town boy, under control of local mad scientist, is transformed from angry young high school student into a flamboyant disco queen.  Will the small town of Straightville USA accept him, or hunt him down?


WHAT: O-Solo-Neo, One-act solo performance
WHERE: Theater Neo, LA, CA
"Legendary vaudeville magician, Del Arte', get's a gig doing voice-overs on a new cartoon. He worked in live radio during the 1930's, so this should be a breeze, right?

WHAT: Two-act musical comedy (3 women, 4 men & 1 girl)
WHERE: (un-finished musical)
SYNOPSIS: 1909. A behind-the-scenes look as director Rex Randolph films of one of the very first silent movies at New York's Opto-Graph Studios.


WHAT: Two-act book musical comedy  (5 women & 4 men)
WHERE: Staged readings at Theatre Neo, Theatre Geo, Melrose Theater and Dvorak & Company
SYNOPSIS: 1920.  Engaged boy meets the girl of his dreams.  Girl accidentally falls to her death.  Boy is jailed for murder.  Dead girl's ghost tells boy how he can bring her back to life, after passing a test.  Boy must control reanimated girl's body (with zombie doll) and convince family and friends that she's alive, until the full moon.  Jilted fiancé sets out to expose them, but boy proves his love and dead girl is returned to life to life happily ever after.
BOMBED A LOT! The Music Of Peter Buoy Wryder   (1992)

WHAT: One-act comedic musical revue (3 men & 3 women)
WHERE: Cabaret production, The Rose Tattoo (1993) / Worshop production, Theatre/Theater, Hlwd., CA (1996)
SYNOPSIS: A comedic biographical accounting of (fictitious) musical theater composer Peter Bouy Wryder's life and music...most of which "bombed" for one reason or another. Think: "Forbidden Broadway" meets"Spinal Tap"
THE 27th ANNUAL P.L.A.T.E. AWARDS   (1991)

WHAT: Full length play with musical numbers (16 characters)
WHERE: “The Hilarions”, Theatre/Theater, Hollywood, CA
SYNOPSIS: The Pico Lake Awards For Theatrical Exuberance.  An interactive audience parody of self-congratulating community theater award shows.

WHAT: One-act musical parody of the movie “All About Eve” (5 women & 5 men)
WHERE: “The Hilarions”, Theatre/Theater, Hollywood, CA
SYNOPSIS: Waiters at The First Nouvelle deal with evil owner Pernicia Von Pilaf.  New waitress, Eve, schemes to bump head-waitress Monica from her position.  When restaurant critic Philip Marlow arrives unexpectedly, Eve fills the empty restaurant (by shooting-out the tires on a tour bus), and jumps in for Monica (who's out on a break).  Winning over the critic, she (and the restaurant) get a rave review, and Eve is made head-waitress.


PMS PINAFORE: A Period Piece   (1991)

WHAT: Ten minute musical (5 women & 5 men)
WHERE: “The Hilarions”, Theatre/Theater, Hollywood, CA / Theatre NEO, Hudson Backstage, Hlwd. CA.
SYNOPSIS: Lesbian pirates? Why not!


The Lovely Carol Variety Show, Theater Geo (1995)

The Phantom Of The Ahmanson, Theater/Theatre (1989)

Adam, Eve & Steve: Composer of concept songs/Work For Hire (1993)

Shayna's Rockin' Review, The Rose Tattoo/Theatre-Theater (1990-92)

Cutler Comedy Productions, parody music/sketch writer/voice overs (1992-95)
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