High School Reunion Musical

Music Composed By Jeff Scott (a work for hire)2011
The class of 1988 has been invited to their 20th High School Reunion except for one classmate, TODD DOOBER, the school bully on the verge of going Columbine on his classmates, if it wasn’t for nerdy but cute LEE WONG who said a few encouraging words to him years ago that forever changed his life, that he is now a success story and model citizen who loves kids and does volunteer work. He never saw Lee again and has been in love with her all these years. He decides to attend the reunion without an invitation to claim her. However, Lee, so driven with her career as a NASA Engineer, has remained alone and untouched, and longs to find love and have a family. LORETTA MURPHY, on the other hand, does have a family, an unloving husband, DAN and 2 sick kids, JASON AND JULIE. But the former Prom Queen and most popular girl in high school is now grossly overweight, a stay-at-home mom, who no longer has the attention she once attracted. She is so miserable with her life, she starts to poison her own kids. In an attempt to take control of it and regain her old self for her high school reunion, she decides to sign up at CURVES where she meets her former high school classmate, JANE MATLOCK, the once obese teen, and teased by her classmates including LORETTA who called her JANE FATFUCK, has lost all the weight, looks great, has a handsome husband but underneath it all, is still the same fat girl. She is so obsessed with her weight and her new image that she is determined to attend her high school reunion to show herself off and that she’s better than everyone. When they recognize each other, even though they are now opposites of who and what they use to be and are in each others former shoes, Jane still harbors resentment towards Loretta and taunts her for looking the way she does today. It makes her feel so good. To rub it in even more, she updates Loretta on seeing JERRY HASPIN now known as Jerry “Has Been”, former Star Quarterback who is now the town’s bum, and almost beyond recognition. He lost his thumb in a freak accident while mowing the lawn, and could not play football ever again. A new life without football opportunities knocking down his door, he ran away including turning his back on the love of his life, Loretta, and turned to the bottle and living on the streets.

The Songs:

UPDATED: 6/14/17