Bombed A Lot: Production Information
The Cast:
The cast is made up of three men and three women (one from each vocal range), and the pianist.  They are named Allen, Jack, Tom, Alice, Elizabeth and Jane...simply for clarification in the script, but your actors could use their own, or any names.

The pianist should be onstage, visable to the audience, and, depending on who you cast, can be part of the singing ensemble. Of coarse you can use more actors if you wish, or as few as four.

The Songs:
  Peter Buoy Wryder   Company

The Company sings of who the unknown composer is.
The Tweeking Titter's Years
  Tweeking On The Thames   Boys

In 1946, Peter Buoy Wryder attends his Father's Alma Mater, Tweeking On The Thames.

  Bombed A Lot   Jack

Peter joins the music hall club, and as a freshman, participates in the upper-class revue, The Tweeking Titters.  It is here he writes his first song, at the age of fourteen, "Bombed A Lot".
Are Not Behaving Inappropriately
  Are Not Behaving Inappropriately   Comapny

  Nice Guy Or Chump   Tom

  Mood Change   Girls

  Do Not Mock Democracy   Company

Upon arrival in America, Peter is drafted and sent to Korea.  Finding a  huge lack of entertainment for the soldiers, he forms a USO troupe, and writes this, his first musical.
Peterís Joint   Company
Peter Buoy Wryder returns to America and, taking advantage of the G.I. Bill, enrolls in a pricey high school in up-state New York.  And, at the age of twenty-five, he graduates from high school.
The Jingle Years
  Encyclopedia Of Great Britain   Jane & Allen

  Zit-Zapper   Alice & Boys

  My Controllable Zombie   Tom & Girls

The advertising firm of Putter-Upwett & Nottingham hires Peter as a jingle writer.  He teams with Benjamin Putter-Upwett to write these commercials for the lucrative Whammey account.
Streetcar! The Musical
  The Kindness Of Strangers   Elizabeth & Boys

Peter and Benjamin's first pursuit into musical theatre never opened, but does provide this unforgettable song for the character of Blanche.
  Gotta   Alice & Elizabeth

At a college rocked by campus violence, half-baked on some hydro-polo North slope trip-weed, Tofu and Rainbow sing of responsibility.

  Trees and Things   Jane

Peter's sense of doomed resignation is perfectly captured in this ballad sung by the Dean of Women.
The Big House
You Do The Math   Jack & Tom

Police arrest Peter for disturbing the peace...or maybe, just for bringing down a crowd with his music.  He shares a jail cell with Leonard Snyper.  They begin work on a new musical about life in prison.
  Encyclopedia Of Great Britain (reprise)   Company
Ethel Porter, a married woman, is unable to return Peter's love, so he begin work (with his war buddy Hack), on a women pirate musical.  Thirteen days later, Ethel Porter leaves her husband to run away with Hack.
All About Christmas Eve
  The First Nouvelle   Company

Wryder & Putter-Upwett's musical about an eatery which boasts year-round Christmas decorations.

  Waiting   Jane & Allen

Monica, the head waitress, is in love with the general manager.  But, they must overcome the objections of his mother, Pernicia Von Pilaf, owner of The First Nouvelle.
  The Queen Of Mean Cuisine   Company

The staff sings about Pernicia Von Pilaf, owner of The First Nouvelle...often referred to as Medusa!
  Face Your Shadow   Allen & Company

This musical marks the final collaboration of Wryder and Putter-Upwett.  In this number, we hear Mother Nature and her attendants prepare an unsuspecting groundhog for his momentous task.
P.M.S. Pinafore: A Period Piece  Company
  The P.M.S. Pinafore   Girls

  Weíre The Royal Guard   Boys

  Iím Govínor Of The Island   Jack

  The Womenís Day In Court   Girls

  So Sweet, So Swell   Alice & Allen

  (I Found)  A Clause In Your Laws   Jane & Girls

  Heís No Woman   Elizabeth

  Now Let Our Hatchets Be Buried   Company

An indeterminate number of women are trapped at sea, for an indeterminate reason, for an indeterminate number of years, until they are forced to crash-land on a indeterminate island.  Here, they are forced to sing again songs they have already sung quite well earlier in the piece.  It is a tale of forbidden love...or is it?
Now Let Our Hatchets/Bombed A Lot! (Finale/reprise)  Company
Production History:
The Rose Tattoo , West Hollywood, CA (1992)
(premiered as a cabaret revue, and ran for four sold-out weeks)

The Rose Tattoo , West Hollywood, CA (1993)
(return engagement for two sold-out weeks)

Latenight @ Theatre/Theater , Hollywood, CA (1996)
(theatrical workshop/premiere, ran for two months)

"NEO Sings" , Hudson Avenue Theatre, Hollywood, CA (2001)

("P.M.S.Pinafore" performed as a solo piece, one-nighter)